Day 7 – Workin’ Hard for Da Moneyz

Merfman and I both work in the Entertainment Industry. Film and TV, specifically.

It’s an interesting way to make a living, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. We get to see and be a part of some cool things, but it’s pretty far from the typical 9 – 5.

My current position allows for more structure than Merfman’s. I’m on the NBC Show Community. Shameless plug: watch us on Comedy Central now too!! I spend my workday in the Production office answering phones, sending emails and managing calendar appointments. I’ve worked on set, but it’s nice to have an office job since Merfbaby is around. Oh yea, and I bring my little human to work with me. But that’s a post for another day.

In the evening we get home around 6:30pm which is right before prime “witching hour” time. AmIright? Merfbaby is a wonderful office assistant, but between 7:00pm – 9:00pm he can be more fussy than normal. I prefer to have it be at home with only the dogs as witness, but it’s still hard after a long day at the office. Although I work very short hours (less than the standard 12) compared to the rest of the crew.

On average Merfman can work 80 hours a week. Yes. 80.

So it’s rare that we spend our weeknights together. I’m thankful that we pass as ships in the night many times, but it’s still hard. I often think about all the single parents doing the hard work of raising tiny people, or spouses with their loved ones deployed and I’m thankful that I have my teammate, even if it’s not consistent.

Our dream isn’t to live this life forever. We’re living like no one else now, so we can live like no one else later. <–Name that motto ;)

For now we’re a dual income household, with Merfman spending his evenings babysitting picture cars instead of our little person. Would he rather be home with a fussy baby and a tired wife? You’d have to ask him, but I’m sure he would.

So when the days are long, and the nights feel longer I’m still thankful. I have my partner in this crazy parenting game.

Even if he’s only working for the weekend :)

3 thoughts on “Day 7 – Workin’ Hard for Da Moneyz”

      1. Yes we do!! I’m back in FB so message me anytime and I’d love to see you guys :)

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