Day 8 – Be THAT Mama

I’m sure we’ve all played that never ending head game – why can’t I be THAT Mom?

I’m still very new to this Mama thing, but the temptation to measure yourself against the yardstick of Pinterest Perfection is everywhere. It seems especially potent in this land of the interwebs and blogs.

I was having a conversation recently about this very concept and how social media and the internet have magnified our perception of that Mom. Back in the days when our Mama’s were raising babies the bar was set at the PTA Meeting, or the neighborhood block party, or by the room Mom in 3rd grade. You could retreat home and the comparisons could pause.

Not anymore.

You browse Facebook and see your girlfriend taking her family on an adorable weekend outing, complete with magazine worthy photographs. Instagram highlights only the best of times, making it hard to realized that there’s “real” life behind those retro filters. Pinterest. Oh, the holy grail of all that is Mommy guilt. Can we take a side trip for a second? Birthday parties…for a 1 year old. When did they become formal affairs?! Like, whoa.

There’s nothing wrong with the internet and social media, I just think it’s distorting our view of parenting and being Mama’s. I LOVE the encouragement I can find through blogs, and the stories from more experienced Mama’s. But honestly, my favorite posts are about the hard days. When Mama’s keep it real and share about rough stuff. Being that Mom.

I want to know that I’m not the only one that hasn’t washed my hair in 3 days, and the only thing I’ve cooked this week it instant oatmeal. I also want to know that all my days as a Mama won’t look like this, but tell me it’s ok if that’s the season I’m in right now.

We can be selective in sharing our good side, I know I’ve done that. But I think it’s powerful to keep it real too.

Let’s be THAT Mom.

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