Day 11 – Mama.Friends.Forever – M.F.F’s

Wanted: Late-twenty’s married new Mama seeking Mama friends. Enjoys coffee, baby-wearing walks and baby-talk.

Any takers?

I’m currently in this relationship gap. I’m the first of my close friends to have a baby, and most of Merfman’s friends are out of the baby stage, and raising legit children. Like high schoolers.

Merfbaby has so many awesome Auntie’s and Uncles (hi, friends!) but, I find myself longing for a few relationships where we can swap stories about breastfeeding and baby behavior. IRL Friends: I LOVE you, and you are amazing. Seriously, Merfbaby has such a rockin’ extended family.

Merfman and I recently hosted a get-together with the couples from our Bradley Method class. It was so fun to meet the new babies all born within days of each other, two of them the day after Merfbaby! It was like 4 hours of, “does your baby do X?” and “how are you doing on Y?” And endless diaper changes, feedings and little crying fits. A pretty awesome Saturday afternoon <– Seriously, never thought I’d be thinking that a few years ago. Who am I?

When I was preggo I never thought I’d be one for Mommy Groups, or playdates. But I get it now. In a few more months Merfbaby will need some friends to play with. I’ll maybe need a book group, minus the book and + wine. Right?!

Merfman and I have always held the theory that Merfbaby was becoming a part of our lives, so within reason we would continue life as before. Social engagements, birthday parties and adventures out of the house. Anywhere Merfbaby is welcome we bring him along. It helps greatly that he’s such a mellow dude, but it’s refreshing to be in the company of other new parents who are running on equal amount of sleep and showers.

So, I’m putting it out there…wanna be MFFs?

I won’t judge you for your 3 day hairstyle if you don’t comment on the baby drool on my shoulder, mmmkay?

2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Mama.Friends.Forever – M.F.F’s”

  1. “legit kids” that made me laugh. I would say a newborn is pretty legit. I wish we lived closer and could have playdates, Sydney loves babies. When you are in the area let me know and we’ll meet up, ok?!

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