Day 12 – Troubleshooting

I’ve got this theory — Soothing your baby is like troubleshooting your computer.

Go with me for a second….

“Honey, the computer is acting up again.” // “Babe, the baby’s fussing.”

Is it low on power?

Charge it // Feed it

Out of free space?

Overloaded Harddrive // Overloaded Diaper

Call Tech Support?

Manufacturer  // Grandma

Acting buggy?

Visit to the Geek Squad // Visit to the Pediatrician

Need a Hard Reset?

Control + Alt + Delete // Swaddle + Shush + Suck

Nothing’s Working?

Google it // Google it

Merfman and I have found that parenting is a lot of trial and error. You keep trying different things until the issue is resolved. You begin to recognize the signs sooner, and know what combination of solutions will achieve success = calm and happy baby.

Now, only if baby’s came with a handy instruction manual…

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