Day 16 – Dear Merfbaby

Dear Merfbaby,

I hope you don’t mind the name Merfbaby? I never really asked your opinion on the matter, just assumed it fit in well with the rest of the “Merf” family. You’re almost 3 months old, and you just keep growing. I’m starting to think you’ll be wearing toddler clothing before you’re 9 months old. It’s surprising, but not shocking that you’re a big boy, Merfman and I aren’t the smallest people in the world :)

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about your future. Like what kind of kid you’ll be. How your voice will sound when you start to talk. What foods will be your favorite. If you’ll like music or art or reading. I can’t wait for your first trip to the beach, or to take you to swim lessons. I know Merfman is so excited to introduce you to the desert and dirt-bikes.

A few weeks ago our community lost a group of teenagers in a terrible auto accident. I made my heart ache. Knowing you won’t be this little human forever. Someday you’ll be out with your friends, making your own decisions. It’s hard to even comprehend now, since I have to do everything for you. But, not for long. Soon you’ll be exploring the world around you, growing into the person you’ll be forever.

Having you makes me hope I didn’t put Grandma and Grandpa through the ringer too bad when I was younger. Overall I was a good kid, but I’m sure they still worried about me.


That quote…so much truth. I’m so excited for you to learn new things, but I know that which each new skill you’re moving closer to being your own person. Which is wonderful and scary for me. I just pray I can help teach you to be a kind, compassionate, brave Ordinary Radical.

Last night when I was laying on the floor with you while you practiced your tummy-time you started to fuss and protest. I explained that I know it seems hard right now, but you’re going to have to do a lot of things in life that aren’t easy. We have to keep doing them, that’s how we get better and grow.

Keep it up Merfbaby, I love you.

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