Day 30 – Things you never thought…

Parenting is this whole other world. When you meet your tiny human you’re transported into this club of mini vans and team moms – a place you’ve seen in movies, but never thought you’d be a part of.

And you find yourself talking and thinking about all these things you would often roll your eyes over, and say “I’m never gonna be like that.”

Reality check: You will.

– PDP – Public Displays of Parenting. This includes but is not limited to: breastfeeding in public, changing a dirty diaper in your car outside a mall and navigating your stroller though a crowded restaurant.

– How Much, How Often. This goes for feeding, pooping, bathing and sleeping. All for the baby of course ;) You’ll be amazed at how thrilled you’ll get over a dirty diaper when baby’s been on poop strike for 4 days. I did a legit happy dance last week over that one.

– Did You Hear Something? You’ll develop a superhuman hearing ability. Baby cries lasting longer than 5 min will no longer register. But you will awake from a dead sleep seconds before your baby stirs for a middle of the night feeding.

– The Early Bird Special. A whole new set of restaurant criteria is now necessary. The key question being, “is it baby friendly?” Do they have a parking lot? Booths or tables? Room for a car seat, what about stroller parking?

– Bonus Points. Parenting wins include: prime parking at the grocery store, right next to the cart return. Discovering a public restroom has a changing table. And spotting another parent and similar aged baby out in public. Look! You too?!


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