I’ve never been a big New Years Resolution setter. I typically make general resolutions – drink more water. Take my vitamins every day. Both – which I do, now!

I know some people get all jazzed and serious about resolutions – now, this might be the realist (NOT pessimist) in me talking – but, I hate setting goals and not hitting them. I set goals I KNOW I can achieve. Anyone else with me on that?

So rather than setting a resolution, I’m setting a little focus for myself. I’m going to work on being better at self-care this year. I know, I have a 5 month old. These are supposed to be the years that aren’t about me, these are the “lost years” of being a Mama where it’s a blur of sleepless nights and baby milestones. I get that, but I don’t want to miss out on all the really good, really awesome, really fun moments because I’m crabbypants. Amen?

I’m a better Wife and Mama if I take just a little time for myself.

For weeks I’d been dreaming about taking a long bath with one of my precious LUSH bathbombs. Last week I asked Merfman if he could entertain Merfbaby for a little while and I snuck upstairs with a glass of wine and a book – and took a 30min bath. It.Was.Magical. I listened to some music, I read and I just stopped moving for 30 whole minutes.

It doesn’t take much to get a little personal reset. Sometimes it’s a trip to the gym, a solo grocery shopping trip or event a few quite hours at home to really (I mean really) clean the house.

So I’m going to make an effort to take better care of me this year, so I can take better care of my people.

Bring it 2014 – I’m ready.

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