Riley is 8 Months



Weight: 20 lbs? Not sure since we haven’t been to the doctor since his 6 month check up. He’s heavier and longer for sure. Wearing 18 – 24 month outfits. We’ve switched to t-shirts and bottoms since most onesie/rompers are too short. I’ve started just carrying him to and from the car to put him into his carseat since it’s so awkward to carry. I think we’ll be switching to the convertible seat soon. On our past few longer car rides he’s not super happy, I’m thinking he might be uncomfortable in the chair but he’s still under the weight limit – closer to outgrowing it height wise soon though.

Health: Healthy! We’ve still had some digestive issues, but I think we’re on the downside. We’ve done lots of reading – Dr Sears is my go-to…and we’ve talked to several friends and apparently it’s not uncommon for babies to have trouble with poo. Especially when starting solids. It’s a repetitive cycle: it hurts to go, so baby doesn’t want to go, the longer baby waits the harder it is to go – and it hurts. Over and over. We’ve tried it all: pears, peaches, prunes, apples, water, long baths, tummy rubs, q-tips and glycerin. Finally we shared our frustrations with some friends who’ve had similar issues with their baby – and they found an all natural herbal tea (blue lavender leaves and alfalfa) that helps!!! So I drink the tea, and things get rolling. Whooo! Seriously – most of this month has been spent talking about poo. But, that’s like the deal with parenting, right? How much, how often, color, consistency, frequency…Overall though, he’s super healthy and happy. I totally get that he’s fussy when his tummy is bothering him, wouldn’t you be fussy too?
Sleep:  This month was a little all over the place for sleep – not his fault, ours. We took a family trip to Vegas as the last second and all 3 of us shared a room. That was tough. He was too big for the little bassinet the hotel provided so I made him a little nest/bed thing on the floor. We ended up nursing to sleep just to help him settle and stay quiet. We would all be in bed at 8:30pm to avoid him waking up hearing us. Naps were on the go in the car/stroller/Ergo or 40min tops in the hotel room while we huddled in the corner. We had a fun time, but for our future trips we need to make sure to get a separate area/room for him to sleep. We’re all much happier that way. He’s woken up a few times in the middle of the night in the past few weeks,
Nursing: Yep! He does get distracted. Especially when Daddy’s around. He LOVES to see Daddy. So if he’s not really hungry it’s hard to keep his focus. Typically, if he’s eaten for 5 min that’s enough to take the edge off and he’s all about seeing what everyone else is into. I’m still nursing him before he has his solid meals. This helps make sure he’s not starving and frustrated that the food on his tray isn’t making it’s way into his mouth and filling him up. I’ve relaxed on the 4 hour schedule. Since he went through a BIG growth spurt (holy hangy mama – seriously, give me alllll the foods) and started nursing more often and for MUCH longer periods…going from 20min to 45min+ was major!! Now, with teething he’s wanting to nurse every 2.5 – 3.5hr. I’m not worried. I know he’ll get back on track in a little while. On a related note – when he was on the 4 hour schedule we’d feed at 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm. Only 4 feedings a day. I asked my OB and she suggested I pump before bed at 10pm. Can I say how thankful I am that I’m with my baby daily and I don’t have to pump often? Major huge props for Mamas that pump regularly, or exclusively. Heroes. Oh – and on another related, related note – on Instagram I read a comment from a women that’s been nursing for 10 years. A DECADE of nursing. Can you imagine?! She said it was 4 kids, overlapping.  Whoa.

What Riley is up to: This kid wants to crawl – look out! He’s rolling around, scooting backwards, getting his legs stuck under the couch, playing with his toys and laughing like crazy at the dogs. Even if he wakes up cranky from a nap, as soon as he sees one of the dogs he starts giggling and laughing. He’s sitting in the stroller and shopping cart like a big boy, and trying out highchairs and sitting up on his own.

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Current Favorite Picture – all the things I love together in one place.
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First Desert Trip
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 12.59.14 PM
Wait – is that Riley or ME?!










He is looking more like a little boy and less like a baby. Whawww!




PostPartum: I made working out a priority this month and I’m starting to feel stronger. I tried some new recipes to add in more fruit and veggies in my diet. My eating is pretty good, 80/20 probably most days and 60/40 on others. I do weigh more than I did before I was pregnant but that doesn’t bother me. It’s more about feeling good in a bathing suit. I’m almost there. My stretch marks are fading and my Mommy Tummy is flattening out – I’ll probably never look like pre-baby me again, but that’s not a bad thing. I just want to feel like the best version of myself now. Emotionally, I’m good. I did have some funny feelings at the 6 month mark but I’m thankful that passed quickly. I didn’t realize that you’re still susceptible to PP Depression until 12 months. I think at 6 months he went through a huge growth spurt and it was taking a toll on me physically which then affected my mood.

Baby Gear: Kitchen tools are the best toys ever. Spatula, measuring cups, bowls. So much cooler than “real” toys. I’m trying to gather more books too. I bought him a 50th anniversary edition of the Giving Tree. Probably my favorite book from childhood. It still makes me tear up.

Thoughts: Oh man. SO many thoughts. I’ve been working on simplifying life, and I’m really trying to make that happen. I don’t want to be a crazy, stressed out Mom. I don’t want people to start a conversation with me by saying “I know you’re SO busy, but….” No way. I have time for my people. I want to soak up this brief time in our lives. Now. When our baby is about to crawl and still thinks we’re the coolest and funniest people ever. People tell you having a baby goes by fast – it does. But so does life. Having a baby just gives you something to measure it by with milestones and passing monthly celebrations. Sure I have a busy life, and there are lots of things about my job I can’t control. There are also lots of things I can control. And those are the ones I’m working on. Less stuff, less clutter, less stress. More space, more room to breathe, more time to soak up life. I really think that less is so much more.

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