Weekend Reading + Thoughts

So I don’t get much time to stroll through the internet, but when I do I really try to be picky about what I read. I want good, life giving content. Stuff that makes me think, but also makes me happy. Not always joyful things, but things that pull at my heart, shift my perspective and sharpen my focus.

Motherhood can be so isolating. And hard. Supa hard, amen? But there are these days, the good and full days. When you know in your bones you’re right where you are supposed to be, doing the hard work what will pay off for a lifetime to come. When our Grandparent’s were raising babies community was a different thing. There was a village around you to help raise your tiny humans. They would play in the backyard of the neighbors house, or your sister in law would pop over with the cousins for dinner and it was a big, messy, collaborative thing. In other places I’m sure it’s still that way. But in LA we hardly even share more than a polite nod with our neighbors. So when the days are rough we long for that community, and to have a support system that will encourage us.

So. Back to the interwebs.

There’s some good stuff out there. Yea. There’s some icky stuff, but there really are some awesome people out there in the world, living in the trenches of raising tiny humans right along side you. And they may look like they have it all together, but remember – no one does. We all need grace and kindness. And just when you think you have this parenting thing all figured out – you are humbled. I am. Daily.

A few things I’ve read lately:

This post. Oh, yes. It’s truth and honesty.

Her blog is such a joyful and fun window into her life as a Mama.

I look up to and admire her so much. As a Mama, and a businesswoman.

Beauty and honesty on this one.

Encouragement from a Mama of 4 boys.

She had me at the blog title.

Happy Friday Friends!

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