NewMerfbaby is a Stud Finder


Today NewMerfbaby is 16 weeks old and the size of a small stud finder.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 1.28.02 PM


How I’m Feeling: Overall I feel good. I still have days were the fatigue and morning sickness creep back in, but I think I’m hitting the 2nd trimester high point. I do still take a nap sometimes if I can in the afternoon, and I’m sleeping much better at night.

Belly/Weight: 5lbs gained. After dinner my belly is probably the most noticeable. My eating is getting better, but still not awesome. Lots of carbs and dairy. I can do raw veggies, but cooked still aren’t appealing. I need to get some lotion to rub on my tummy, I already have stretch marks from last time – but at least that will help when the itching starts.

Life Changes: It’s supposed to be HOT later this week. Ugh. I’m so bitter about the weather around here – I know, sorry East Coast Friends. I’m just not ready to already be hot and miserable. When I was pregnant with Riley I spent most of my days indoors in an A/C office. So I wore pants, this time around not so much. I need to find maternity stuff that will fit my belly and be cool as the weather gets hotter and hotter. Maternity shorts, yikes. I also can’t stand the high panel pants – seriously the worst. Two words: back sweat. Gross. So I’m on the search for things that are under the belly or have the side inserts. Also, can we please tell Maternity Jean makers that it’s time to make something other than skinny and flare jeans? Can I get a straight or boyfriend style, please?

Movement: Still nothing! I keep hoping in the evening’s when I’m laying on the couch reading I’ll feel something :)

Sleep: Huge improvement! I credit this to the magical pregnancy pillow I got.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.31.56 PM

It’s the Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Total Body Pillow, I got mine on Amazon with a gift card I received from my birthday (thanks Uncle Danny!) I’m a back and half-tummy sleeper, so side sleeping isn’t my thing. This pillow makes it so much more comfortable. Kelly was skeptical, thinking it was going to take over our bed more that I already do…but it’s not as giant as it looks. I just put the bulk of the pillow on the outside of my side of the bed so it’s not between us when we sleep, and it’s perfect. Rolling over to switch sleeping sides is much easier too since I don’t have to move and reposition several different pillows each time. Seriously, buy one for the pregnant ladies you love in your life.

Cravings: In N Out. I could eat it every day. But I only want a double-double plain and fries. Yep, no veggies. I probably have it once a week. Ha. I forgot to buy my beloved Orange Juice this week at the store and I’m suffering, must make a return trip!

Exercise: 2 workouts a week. We’ve changed things a little since I can’t be on my back for long periods of time anymore. Last week she brought boxing gloves and I got to try that – so cool! I must say I’ll feel pretty cool to be “boxing” with a giant belly in a few months :)

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Getting to talk with some other Moms at a playdate this week. A friend that I got to catch up with is due just 2 days after me. It’s always fun to compare notes and swap stories.

On My Mind:  What my labor/delivery day will be like. I’m not worried so much about the physical delivery – I have time to prepare for that mentally. It’s more about how the logistics will play out. Since we have Riley I’ll have to form a plan for him, and be prepared for that. Kelly could likely be working when I go into labor, and knowing that second labor can be faster I’m just hoping I get enough lead-time to sort everything. So he can get home from work, and Riley will be with someone. I know it all works out in the end, it’s just the unknown that has me thinking. Worst comes to worse I have friends that can help with Riley and give me a ride to the hospital – bonus since it’s like a 1/2 block from our house :)

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