#NewMerfbaby is a Hockey Puck

17 weeks old! About the size of a hockey puck. Gooooaal!



Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.41.10 PM


Getting bigger!

How I’m Feeling:  Tired this week. I took an afternoon nap yesterday and a morning nap today – both while Riley was napping. So thankful he’s still napping 2x a day. I’m starting to get some round ligament pain and stretching which is uncomfortable, and a little back pain. But nothing too crazy.

Belly/Weight: It’s a bump for sure! But it doesn’t look like a cute new baby bump, still in the “is she/isn’t she?” phase. We went to Lululemon on President’s Day and I got 2 more pairs of pants on super sale so I’m pretty stocked on soft pants. I would like to get some shorts later on and some maternity jeans at some point. I’m thinking I may just buy things as I go since I remember getting too big for a lot of stuff in the later months. And hot! I’m constantly looking for things that will be cool and comfortable in the summer.

Life Changes: Riley has always preferred to be carried or worn in the Ergo. Which is fine, but I’m starting to realize that we may need to encourage him to walk more in public since I will have a harder time carrying him as I get bigger. And it’ll be all kinds of fun to carry a (giant) toddler while wearing a newborn. I really like that he enjoys riding in the Ergo, and it’s probably the most comfortable way to haul him around, since he’s a big kid he feels heavy in my arms quickly. I like the weekends for many reasons, one is that Riley always wants Kelly to carry him around ;)

Movement: I looked back to last time around and I still hadn’t felt anything this week – I was staring to think maybe I’m not paying attention. Soon.

Sleep: Had one night of rough sleep. Woke up from a strange dream + potty break + snoring husband. I laid awake for a long time before finally falling asleep. Then woke up on my back and freaked out a little since I didn’t know if I had fallen asleep like that.

Cravings: Still In N Out. Orange Juice. Bagels. Coffee is finally starting to sound better. I have been cooking and meal planning more which is helping.

Exercise: 2 workouts this week. We workout in the mornings which is so much better. I like starting my day like that, and having it out of the way. I’ve always been a morning exerciser, so I’m glad Riley’s napping allows for that again. We also went to the Long Beach Aquarium last week and walked and walked around the whole harbor. It was fun, but hot. We were both pretty wiped out from that trip.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Not sure if it’s a “pregnancy moment” but we got to enjoy the long President’s weekend as a family. We hung out at home, went out to eat a few times, met some friends for an awesome BBQ dinner and just enjoyed being together as a family. I wish we always got 3 day weekends.

On My Mind:  We’re thinking this will be our last baby, and will complete our family. Which is crazy to think that this little family of 3 that we have now is pretty short lived compared to what we’ll be in July. Whoever this little baby is will round our family and that’s who we’ll be forever. Boy/Girl? Not sure yet, but it’s cool to think that our family future is waiting just a few months away.

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