Reading List

When I was little my parent’s said I would often have a hard time falling asleep – so they would put books in my bed with me. I would fall asleep and wake up reading to myself. Not a bad way to start a habit, huh?

I’ve been an active reader on and off for years. Through Elementary and Jr High school I couldn’t get enough of Nancy Drew or the Saddle Club Series. In High School there was little time for “free” reading as I often had several novels I needed to read for assignments. A bulk of my “classics” reading happened during these years.

In College – so.much.reading. Text books, articles, novels.

When I was working 60+ hours a week I often didn’t want to pick up a book during my rare free time.

But I’ve maintained a love for reading over the years and I’m finally back into the routine. I’ve been a “one more chapter before bed” reader and I sometimes stay up way later than I should when I’m hooked into a book. Since I’m often on my own in the evenings after dinner I spend my time reading. For the past few years I’ve been reading blogs. But, recently I’ve been looking to get back into books.

About a month ago I ordered 3 books I’ve had on my list for months.


Yes Please

Gone Girl

I finished each in about a week. Oops.

That’s always been my dilemma – I’m a rabid reader. I mourn the ending of a book, only content when I have another to immediately fill the void. So I could be spending wayyy more cash that I should on books. Not to mention – I don’t like holding onto books when I’m finished with them.

For years I admired my reading collection. But I rarely re-read books. And with my newfound mantra for decluttering “you have to find it to be either beautiful or useful” or it goes. I’ve found myself donating books to free myself from the weight of them. Literally – books are always the thing that’s a pain to move…well, that and your bed/couch.

I love holding a book in my hands. Always having one in my bag when I’m out (especially waiting for OB appointments – such is life right now). But they’re pricey and I could go through $75+ a month in books if I could. I’ve read a few off an on from my iPad using the Kidle app, which is ok.

There’s a used bookstore here called The Illiad I’ve been meaning to check out to trade/sell/buy used books. Our library is a good choice too, but I get annoyed at the waiting list for popular books.

I prefer non-fiction. Memoirs are my jam. LOVE them. I’ve gotten into a little bit of fiction recently, and I’m always curious to see what other people are reading.

So. What are you reading?

I just finished Big Little Lies and I started The Red Tent last night.

Ha. I also love casting books in my head as I’m reading them. The Producer in me is always looking to see how a book could be optioned and adapted :)

Up next, The Girl on The Train


1 thought on “Reading List”

  1. I so do the casting thing! I’ve never been in show-biz but being the movie lover that I am, I cast, produce, direct and edit the whole thing in my head as I read. It’s always such a disappointment to me when books-turned-movies don’t live up to my expectation. I catch myself thinking, “They should have called me in to consult on that one.” Haha :)

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