NewMerfbaby is a Small Electric Razor

NewMerfbaby is 18 weeks today!



How I’m Feeling: Good! Energy is pretty good most of the day. I’ve been having some round ligament pain in the evenings so I mentioned it to my Chiropractor today and she said my pelvis was out of alignment. Not sure how that happened – since the baby is still pretty small. She massaged and adjusted it and I feel SO much better. I saw a Chiropractor a few times during my pregnancy with Riley, but I’ve been seeing here consistently for about a year. I’m excited to see how much different I feel during this pregnancy. Also – I booked a prenatal massage for next week. I can’t wait!

Belly/Weight:  I’ve totally “popped.” Funny – since this was the post last time where I felt I did too :) I can still wear my jeans, and tops. I feel like I’m carrying higher this time? I have a few maternity things but most of my normal clothes still fit fine. I am excited to be getting closer to actually looking pregnant.

Life Changes: We went to Pea in A Pod Maternity over the weekend and I tried on a million pairs of jeans – hating them all. I found one pair I liked that were underbelly, but still pretty “skinny.” I tried wearing them on Monday for a few hours and couldn’t deal with it. I remember that maternity jeans always sag and fall down – but since these don’t have the high band I was constantly pulling them up when I was bending over to take care of Riley. If they were like $40 I could have dealt with it….but they were close to $200!!! NO WAY. Those suckers are getting returned. I ordered a pair from Gap, in a boyfriend style and a few sizes larger to see if they feel more comfortable. We’ll see. My Lululemon’s are still my favorite to wear. I have quite the collection of “soft pants.”

Movement: Yep! It was Monday afternoon. I was laying on the couch working on my laptop when I felt some tickles. I’ve felt a few more since then too :)

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well, and taking naps when I can. One potty break at night.

Cravings: Don’t judge…but those KFC commercials with the kids and the “popcorn nuggets?” Yea. That. Ugh. I can’t remember the last time I had KFC. But those little balls of battered chicken look delicious.

Exercise: 2 workouts. And I’m going to try to get on my spin bike in the evening and maybe do that for a TV show at least. I walk a lot with Riley, but I know it would be good to add something else in.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Feeling NewMerfbaby kick :) That’s always fun. I’m looking forward to the rolls and kicks to come. Riley was pretty active – he was a big roller. We’ll see what this one is like.

On My Mind:  Girl/Boy? We have another ultrasound on 3/17 so hopefully they can see :) I think it would be so fun to have a girl, and everyone I talk to hopes we get a girl since we would have the perfect little family unit. I feel like it’s a boy. My pregnancy is pretty similar, but mostly I just see us being a boy family. When I imagine us on family vacations in 5 years I see 2 little boys running around. Who knows, I might be way wrong – but we’ll be thrilled with a healthy baby no matter which gender. The name thing has me thinking a lot though…so much pressure!

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