NewMerfbaby the Softball

NewMerfbaby is 19 weeks today and the size of a Softball!



Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 4.02.04 PM

How I’m Feeling: I had a prenatal massage yesterday and it was heaven. She worked on some tension points in my lower back and I’m feeling much better. Between being pregnant and hauling around a huge toddler my body is taking a little bit of a beating. If I jump up off the couch too quickly I get round ligament pains, but my Chiropractor showed me how to massage those away – it has to do with my pelvis not being in alignment. Overall I think I feel better this pregnancy since I do see my Chiropractor regularly. I’ve been really tired in the evenings, around 6:30pm and I sometimes fall asleep on the couch sitting up – what the heck?! On Sunday Kelly was playing with Riley and I took a 40 min nap before we had dinner. Not normal for me at all! Guess I start to wind down when Riley does later in the evening? I’m still getting plenty of sleep at night – but I haven’t taken a good afternoon nap in a few weeks. Might need to add those back in.

Belly/Weight:  Uh, I think I’m at 201 now? So 13lbs gained so far. Belly is happening for sure. I did have a pretty awesome girls weekend that included some major carbs and cheeses – so that probably added a few lbs ;)

Life Changes: Starting to feel off balance and running into things more and more. Mostly just the kitchen counter. Wearing a few more maternity clothes and in need of some new bras – I’ve still wearing nursing bras from Riley. TMI – I haven’t worn a non-nursing bra since I got pregnant with Riley :( They make them with underwire and stuff so they work pretty well. I do drive Kelly nuts sometimes because if we’re sitting on the couch at night I’ll play with the clips and snap/unsnap them. I don’t even know I’m doing it – but Kelly will look around and be like, what is that noise!? Oops.

Movement: Yep! I feel it most in the evenings, but off and on throughout the day too. I love feeling the little kicks.

Sleep: Good. Still need to try to nap once a week if I can.

Cravings: During our girls weekend wine sounded really good :) But since my sense of smell is so crazy I was happy just to sit around everyone else enjoying some.

Exercise: Lighter this week. Missed a workout yesterday – Riley slept in. And skipping Friday. I’ll probably plan to do some Yoga this week, and go on a walk tomorrow.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Finding out the gender!!! Post to come :)

On My Mind: Picking a name for NewMerfbaby or as we also call it – Merfketeer :) Also, getting Riley’s big brother room ready. I ordered a few things off amazon that we needed. Curtain rod + blackout curtains. Bed rail guard for the twin bed. I’m searching for a bookself. Might just grab the one from Ikea that matches the bed and dresser so we have a full set.

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