Our little Merfketeer is a….

I had an OB appointment on Monday afternoon. My Doctor walked into the room and before she even closed the door, asked if I knew the gender. I said no – that we’d probably be finding out in 2 weeks at our Anatomy Scan Ultrasound. She shook her head, and motioned for me to follow her into another room.

I told her she’s have to write it down and seal it in an envelope since Kelly wasn’t here.

She showed me the baby, and we listened to the heartbeat and then told me to look the other way. I said I didn’t know what I’d be looking at anyway but, sure. She said she wanted it to be dramatic :)

So she sealed it up and I sent this pic to Kelly at work. Pleading with him to hurry home from work that night!



When he got home I told him I wanted him to open it and tell me what it was. I was feeling pretty sure it was a boy, and said I would be very surprised if it were a girl. Sure – I’d love to have a little girl, but I’ve been imagining us as a family with 2 boys. He didn’t really have a guess – mostly since we didn’t think we’d be finding out for another 2 weeks.


IMG_4714 A BOY!!!

We’re thrilled!! We called and shared the news with our families and they were so excited.

The Murphy Brothers – how cute is that?!

Also – since this little guy and Riley are only going to be days apart in birthdays I can recycle all the baby clothes!!!

I looked at a few name lists and we’ve got one that stuck, so that’s a start :)

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