Bloggers who Author

I’m a pretty consistent blog reader – my Feedly app is full!

I get really excited when Bloggers that I love write books. It’s like getting one big post/chat with someone who’s voice and story you’ve come to love. Yea, #fangirl

Wanna know a secret? Someday I dream about writing a book. Crazy, huh? No idea what it would be about, but it would be so cool. And probably scary. And hard. I’m no writer, but I kinda like writing so that counts for something?

Anyway here are a few books I love from my favorite bloggers.

Notes from a Blue Bike – I buy this as a gift for friends and family all the time. I love it. I even got to meet Tsh, the author, when she was on her book tour and she’s lovely. The book is about living life simply, and loving the life you have.

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess – I’m not the first Jen Hatmaker #fangirl, but come on – she’s awesome. I totally want to be her BFF. This book will mess you up in the best ways. Bonus, Jen and her Husband are HGTV stars :)

Bread and Wine – Another go-to gift book. I love feeding people as a way of showing that I care about them. Hospitality and opening up your home can be such a fun and cool way to serve others. This book is as much about people as it is food. Bonus, there’s some awesome recipes included! Several of which I’ve made to reave reviews :)

The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful – This pairs well with Bread and Wine since it’s about home and hospitality. It sort of blew my mind when I learned that you can (and should) invite people into your “mess.” We all live life, and we know what a home that’s lived in looks like – so toss the laundry off the couch and invite a friend over for coffee. They’ll probably feel more at home seeing your yet-to-be-folded laundry anyway ;)

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels–a Love Story – It’s no secret I’m a giant fan of Ree and everything she does. This book is cute and sweet and funny. It’s about how she and her husband met, and her early life as a wife and mother on the ranch.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl – While I’m girl crushing on Ree, I’ll include this one. It’s my go-to bridal shower gift. Her recipes are simple, and easy to follow. All the photos help calm me down when I think I’ve ruined the gravy. <– True Story.

Happy reading!

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