NewMerfbaby is a Banana

NewMerfbaby is 20 weeks today! Half-way…eeek!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.52.28 PMScreen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.55.06 PM

He’s the length of a banana, head to toe! My other pregnancy tracker said the baby is the size of a boob, but to keep it PG here I decided to stick with banana ;)

How I’m Feeling: Pretty good! The time change sent Riley for a loop so we’ve been working through that, which can be draining. He’s sleeping well and still napping, but he’s been so cranky and emotional this week. We had a pretty epic meltdown today that took a while to work through. How am I going to deal with tantrums when I have a newborn too? Aye. I’m thankful he’s not a regular tantrum-thrower, but when he does they are memorable.

Belly/Weight: Not sure on the weight, but the belly is for sure here! I need to take more belly pics in the morning when I get dressed. Depending on the day and what we’re up to I don’t always get dressed up if we’re just working in the yard. But, I’ll try to be better about pics. I love looking back at the ones I did with Riley.

Life Changes: I’d say I’ve converted to maternity clothing now. I got another pair of jeans that are ok, and a few tops and dresses. I’m fully embracing the “lose and flowy” maternity look. We’ll call it hippie-chic, ok? It pairs well with my Birkenstock vibes! The dresses I got are non-maternity, but I know I’ll wear them a lot in the months after I have the baby. I wore some of my jean shorts with a belly-band this week, but I need to get some bigger or maternity shorts since it’s going to be hot this summer.

Movement: I think I can almost feel the kicks from the outside – a few times a day I’ll feel a several kicks and jabs in a row. It’s always a fun reminder that he’s in there :)

Sleep: Had to use my ear plugs a few nights this week. Kelly’s been especially tired (snoring) and I’ll just pop in my ear plugs so I can fall asleep faster. With the time change Riley is sleeping in later, so that’s nice. A few weeks ago he made the wake up stretch from 6:00am/6:30am to 7:00am, so with the time change that’s now 8:00am. I can’t complain about that. But our whole day shifts a few hours and he’s going to bed around 7:45/8:00pm now.

Cravings: I was just thinking tonight that one of my major cravings is cheeseburgers. Not just In N Out, but plain (meat and cheese only) cheeseburgers!! Silly. I’ve also been wanting ice cream, so I got some when we were at the store today. It hit the spot! Oh, and I fulfilled my donut craving from this weekend. Yum. Super healthy huh? To be fair I did have sweet potatoes and a giant head of steamed broccoli with my dinner tonight.

Exercise: With the time change and everything I missed a few workouts. Planning to work out tomorrow. Riley and I did some gardening and got my garden beds planted and ready for Spring this week. And we’ve been playing in the backyard every afternoon and going on walks around the neighborhood. I’ve been active, just not doing a traditional worked so much.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  I think we have some solid names on our list! We came up with one over the weekend I really, really like. It may be hard to top.

On My Mind: We’re almost finished with Riley’s big brother room. The last thing we really need is a new baby monitor. I wish someone had told me to get one with Riley that would grow with our family. Now we’re looking at ones that will take 2 cameras. I also need to get another laundry hamper and diaper pail for his room, but he’s just about set! We have the bed all ready with the guard rail, and his new blackout curtains were hung this weekend. We’re planning to do a few projects around the house this weekend and get the backyard Spring ready – since we’ll be spending a lot of time out there.

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