NewMerfbaby is a Baseball Mitt

NewMerfbaby is 22 weeks! For the next few weeks (22-24) he’ll be the size of a baseball mitt!

cbg800 palm

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 2.41.00 PM

How I’m Feeling: I came down with a cold earlier this week (thus the late post) so I’ve been down for a few days. It was just a sore throat and massive fatigue so Riley and I spent some quality time at home on the couch watching way too much Curious George. To cap off the week – I took Riley to the Pediatrician this morning. I noticed some green gunk in his eye yesterday late in the day, and by bedtime it was in both eyes. I talked to Kelly and we agreed to take him in, just in case – and to get anything treated before the weekend came. I knew Riley was a champ – and he’s been especially content this week, dealing with my sad state – but when the Doctor looked in his ears he was amazed at how bad they were. Poor kid has a bilateral ear and eye infection. Both ears were red and full of puss :(  No fever. No tugging or pulling on his ears. So glad I took him and he’s getting better!!

Belly/Weight: I’m starting to feel bigger. I can tell the baby is growing because I’ve been a little achy and I feel like I have a giant side stitch on one side.

Life Changes:  Maternity shorts. They aren’t as terrible as I feared. It was 90 today so I had to give in and come to terms with the fact that summer is here. I’m still bitter, but I’m happier in clothing that fits my growing belly.

Movement: Lots of kicking. Hopefully Kelly can feel it soon :)

Sleep: So thankful Riley is sleeping in later these days. I feel like a champ when I get to sleep in past 7am. I feel like it’s my reward for months of 4:30am/5:30am mornings with him.

Cravings: Smoothies have sounded good this week so Riley and I made some for lunch. He loves them, and I like knowing that I’m getting in a good amount of fruit/veggies for him and me.

Exercise: Nope. Bailed on my workout last Friday, Tuesday and tomorrow. Sickness!!

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Sitting in the Pediatrician office today. Strange? It was cute seeing all the older siblings with the new babies. Crazy to think that’ll be us soon!

On My Mind:  Nesting? I think. There’s not too much to do, but we would like to make some improvements to our backyard for the summer. Riley and I spend a lot of time out there during the day, and I know that’ll be helpful when the baby comes – just having more space for Riley to play when we’re at home. I also have a few items I’d like to purchase for the baby so I’ve been thinking those over, and working on our budget more. I’m determined to nail it down in the coming months so we can finally shake our last 2 debts!

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