NewMerfbaby is a Grapefruit

NewMerfbaby is 23 weeks :)
Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.31.05 PM


I went with Grapefruit this week because my other chart wanted to keep him at a baseball mitt…I don’t think so, buddy. He’s growing, I can feeeelll it.

How I’m Feeling: I had some round ligament pain on my right side – middle of my stomach, so that’s new. I asked my OB about it and she explained that your uterus isn’t “locked down” (oh.) and the ligaments run from the bottom of your ribcage area all the way around your sides and down into your lady area. Good to know. So, nothing crazy – just something I hadn’t experienced before.

Belly/Weight: Up 19 lbs total so far. My doctor did the required “try to keep your weight gain to .5 – 1 lb a week” statement. I said – yep! This next week I’m going to try eating less gluten and more veggies…swap a hamburger bun for a lettuce wrap, that kind of thing. Sort of in the spirit of Whole 30, but nothing at strict. I know I’ve been relying on too many starches, so there’s my 19 lbs. Minus a little bit of baby and stuff ;)

Life Changes: I’m feeling like my belly is much bigger at this point than it was with Riley. Which makes sense, but I’m still not used to it so I bump into things – and have to rethink squeezing through parked cars with a belly + toddler on a hip.

Movement: Kelly got to feel him kick for the first time the other night! He probably could have felt it a few weeks ago, but the timing was finally right when he was home and the baby was active!

Sleep: I’ve been waking up with horrible congestion and a dry mouth – gross. I think it’s all from the cold I had last week. Today I finally noticed some improvement.

Cravings: Full disclosure: I drove through a McDonalds and got a large order of fries. Yea – worth every salty bite. What do they put in those things?! I never want McDonalds, but man they do make special french fries. Not In – N – Out special, but McDonald special.

Exercise: Back into the swing of things this week! Took Riley to the beach today (his first trip!) and we played in the water and walked on the sand for over 2 hours. It was a blast, and he had so much fun.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: I went to Hobby Lobby to get Riley an Easter basket. I wanted something I could reuse year after year so I got a cute wire one. Then I thought about NewMerfbaby…and I wanted them to have matching Easter baskets for every Easter until they get married (maybe beyond – creepy? no. never) So my first official purchase for NewMerfbaby – an Easter basket. That he won’t use for a good year. Yes! Totally nesting correctly.

On My Mind: Nesting projects. Easter. Having Kelly around for the long weekend (Good Friday tomorrow). Some upcoming events and a vacation we have planned. Buying a new baby monitor so we can move Riley into his Big Brother room…I think we’ll try to attempt it this month, then if it doesn’t go well we can take a break and try again in May.


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