NewMerfbaby is a Toilet Brush

NewMerfbaby is 27 weeks!

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 11.57.57 AM



About 14 1/2 inches long and 14 weeks to go!

How I’m Feeling: OK. I really feel pregnant this time around – and I overdid it on Friday so I had some intense Pelvic Pressure that was bothering me. Saw my OB and Chiropractor this week and everything looks good! He’s very active, and I’m always thankful when I feel him moving around.

Belly/Weight: Eh, gained more last month than I should have. I’m up 28lbs so far, which is ahead of where I was with Riley at this point. I’m more active during this pregnancy, but I’m not on top of my diet as much. Trying to make little changes here and there to keep the weigh gain slowed. I probably “feel” more pregnant because of that weight gain too!

Life Changes: Passed the Glucose test – yay! Man, that stuff is gross. The color is just so wrong. Ick. Trying to be better about resting and taking it easy during the day. It’s hard because I know I have to preserve my energy with Riley since I have to make it from wake up to bedtime. He does take a nice long afternoon nap, so I get a break in the middle of the day – and I totally just sit and try to relax. Sometimes I pay bills or email – but I try to get off my feet during that time.

Movement: We think he’s face-up right now, and that was part of the reason I had so much pressure on Friday. He was flipping. I feel like he’s high – I have little to no appetite and killer heartburn. I really only eat 2x a day because dinner hardly sounds good.

Sleep: Rolling over at night is getting to be more challenging, but I’m still sleeping well thankfully.

Cravings: Sushi. Oh man, I want sushi BAD. I’ve probably mentioned it to Kelly like 5 times lately.

Exercise: Yep. Had to cancel on Tuesday because Riley’s been sick, and a hot mess. Really hoping to get some Yoga in soon. I need it. My Chiropractor told me I need to take deeper breathes. My diaphragm is super tight and deep breaths will help. I try to be more aware of it – and just thinking about it will cause me to take a deep breath.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Planning a little early (like a month) 2nd birthday for Riley with a few of his (and our) friends. Thinking about his 2nd birthday is crazy – but also realizing that if we wait too long to celebrate it I could be too preggo, or the baby might be here!

On My Mind:  Parenting a toddler. Had to stand my ground on some tantrum stuff with Riley this week and it’s exhausting and embarrassing when it happens in public. I can’t blame it completely on him having a cold and not feeling well – some of it really is him testing boundaries and getting upset when I don’t give in. Just have to think big picture.

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