NewMerfbaby is a Chihuahua

NewMerfbaby is 29 weeks! I missed last week so I’ll just wrap it all together :)



About 2 1/2 pounds and a little over 15 inches long.

How I’m Feeling: I was pretty worn down and fatigued earlier this week, but I saw my Chiropractor on Wednesday and I felt SO much better after that. I got my teeth cleaned today – and man, I’ve never realized how gross I feel after a teeth cleaning. My teeth and gums have been more sensitive this pregnancy – hello gingivitis. I normally have really good mouth hygiene, but my Dr told me the pregnancy hormones do a number on your gums. Huh. And gross.

Belly/Weight: My belly feels tight and hard when he’s pushing his way around in there! I can’t see my stretch marks – but I know they’re just waiting to show up after he comes out. That’s what happened last time! It’s like a balloon, when it’s blown up you can’t see…then when it deflates and there they are!!

Life Changes: Nesting and such around the house. I’m itching to do some more spring cleaning – but it sounds exhausting so I need to wait for the burst of energy to kick in before I really get started.

Movement: Some days I don’t notice his movement as much – could be because I’m busy or distracted. But if I’m concerned I’ll eat and drink something and lay down on my left side for a while with my hand on my stomach and count his kicks. 10 kicks in 2 hours is the golden rule.

Sleep: I woke myself up snoring a few times this week – what?! I’ve also had some crazy dreams. Kelly said I screamed out loud in the middle of the night last night, oops.

Cravings: Guacamole. I could eat it all day long. In fact, I made some for lunch that I’m eating right now :) S’mores. Ha – random. Totally gave into that one last night and made one on the stove.

Exercise: Yep. I have some soreness in my legs and some major tightness in my calves. I’ve been getting calf cramps in my right leg, which I thought was due to not drinking enough water – but I think it’s just lactic acid. Going to try really hard to make it to a prenatal Yoga class soon!

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Floating in a pool in Palm Springs for Mother’s Day. It was heaven. Riley had a blast in the pool and I was so happy just floating around.

On My Mind:  Next week is 30…that makes it 10 weeks until the end…and I’m thinking that I’ll be more than happy if this guy comes a week or 2 early. 38 weeks…come on out dude!

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