NewMerfbaby is a Bread Loaf

NewMerfbaby is 32 weeks!

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 12.02.46 PM



About 56 days to go! Ah!

I’ve missed a few weeks…I blame the Toddler in my life. And traveling. And the weeks FLYING by.

How I’m Feeling: Generally, OK. Today I woke up in a funk, and it just kind of hung around. Funny – this week last time I mentioned I was cranky and grumpy too. Must be something with the hormones in the 3rd Trimester?

Belly/Weight: Big. I feel very pregnant – but I know I have some more growing to do. A few new stretch marks have popped up – but they don’t worry me to much. The real fun is all the ones you find after you have the baby and you shrink back down. Super fun.

Life Changes: Kelly’s been off work for the past few weeks which has been so amazing. I love having him home for dinners, and around during the day to help with Riley. How I wish he could get paid to stay home with us. I’m trying to soak it up as much as I can since I know he’s going back into production soon, and I’ll be super pregnant, and then have a newborn. Yikes. But I’m savoring every day I can that he’s home with us. We recently took a trip to Palm Springs, and did our Babymoon in Flagstaff. It was so fun to travel but I’m getting deeper into the 3rd Trimester and wanting to be home more. Nesting, commence.

Movement: A few flips and big turns – I’m hoping the most recent one I felt was him turning so we won’t be back to back anymore. I’ve felt some movement down low, which makes me think he’s getting into position. If I have my hand resting on my belly he’ll kick out and make my hand jump which is always funny.

Sleep: Sleeping hard this week. Last week I had some terrible stomach pains that woke me at 2am, two nights in a row! I was miserable. I totally understand how some women could think it was labor – it was painful!! I’m sleeping much better this week, but waking up with calf cramps. The worst, ever. Hoping out of bed to get Riley in the morning with a leg cramp is no bueno.

Cravings: Guacamole. Donuts. S’mores.

Exercise: Walking. Chasing Riley at the park and around the house. 2 workouts with my trainer a week. I missed a few here and there with travel and a sick Riley.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: We found some new chairs for our bedroom on Craigslist. I realized last week that I can’t nurse another baby through the night on the couch we have in our bedroom. It’s a great couch, it’s just really low, so it’s hard to get up and down – especially when holding a sleeping baby in your arms. So we decided to replace the couch with 2 matching arm chairs. We found some we love and picked them up today for a steal! I love a good deal on Craigslist. We just need a little table and a footrest. I’m also thinking maybe a nightlight would be a good idea too? We had Riley in our room for 6 months before we moved him downstairs to his room. Knowing how many hours I logged on that couch nursing in the middle of the night I want to make it more comfortable this time around.

On My Mind: We’re in the final weeks/month(s) that it’ll just be our little family of 3. Not too much longer before NewMerfbaby will be here – and that’s our family. That’s who we’ll be forever. So crazy to think about. I was looking at photos on our living room wall and realizing that soon we’ll have another family member up on that wall – one we haven’t met yet, and we don’t know what he looks like yet.

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