I Feel Pretty

Remember that one time I talked about coloring my hair at home?

Well, it finally happened! I had been dragging my feet since I didn’t want to spend the extra money last month. I went online to Sally Beauty and wrote down the prices of everything I needed…realizing that it was only a $15 investment. Oh.

So, yesterday after church we made a trip to the store to gather the necessary supplies. Merfman was very tempted to make things a little more interesting with some hot pink highlights, but quickly put it down. I was beyond nervous that I was going to buy the wrong supplies or not mix the ratio correctly and end up bald.

Last night we prepared the bathroom and wore old pajamas for fear of transfer. After 20 minuets of skilled application by Merfman, and 30 more minuets of processing I was ready to rinse and dry!

I kept checking myself out in the mirror absolutely surprised that it really WORKED!! Who knew, following directions can get you results?

Now, I didn’t do anything too intense. I only went a shade or two darker than my current shade, and I consulted a pro to get the info on what brands and supplies to buy.

The real victory is the savings, Dave Ramsey would be so proud! $15 for an at home color, or $55+ for a salon version. Yes, the home version isn’t as comfy or posh, and the results aren’t exactly the same. But I’ll take it!

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To Dye or Not to Dye

I’m having a moment. A girl moment. I know, it’s not my thing…just go with me.

I haven’t colored my hair since the week before the wedding, July 24. I haven’t cut my hair since the week after the wedding, August 7th. I’m sure those are sins in the name of proper female haircare, but I’m frugal. Not cheap, I prefer the term frugal or thrifty. I probably wouldn’t ever color my hair if not for these lame grey hairs RIGHT in the middle of my part. Seriously, when did grey hairs become something you deal with in your 20’s?! I only have like 4, but still!!!

I loved when I had chunks of bight colors in my hair. I did Red, Pink, Orange and Purple. It was awesome, but not so awesome on the wallet when my sylist and I were constantly changing the colors. It was super fun, and I loved doing it but it was pricey.

Here’s one example:

Super cute photo, I know.

I recently lost my stylist (whom I LOVED) when she became a stay at home Mom. So, I’m at a crossroads.

I’ve done some research and found some salons in the LA area that work as teaching schools and provide cuts on the more affordable side. I’m leaning toward the Aveda Institute  Hello, $15 for a haircut. I’m in! Meh, so what if it’s not perfect…wanna know something awesome about hair? It grows! It grows back! I’m not at the point just yet where I need a cut, I’m growing through an awkward length stage and I’m going to see if I can push it another month before I get a cut. Plus, it’ll be fresh for the holidays :)

I am at a pretty (not so pretty) unintentional ombre stage with my color though. So, here’s my question…do I dare try an at home dye? All my years of reading girlie magazines (eew, not THOSE kind) have told me NOT to dye at home. Buuuttt….I’m not going lighter, just trying to match or go a tad darker. And I have Merfman! Why is this important you ask?

Merfman is a jack of all trades, including Fashion and Beauty. Seriously, he picks out better outfits for me at the store than I ever could. It’s a gift. He’s also a man with a very colorful hair past. His hair has probably been more colors than mine…Manic Panic anyone? He’s done all of his coloring himself too! It’s been years since he’s had his hands on some hair color, but I trust him. The most important part is getting the color even and to the roots…right?

I know Tina, that’s what I’m thinking too.

It can’t be THAT hard, right? I mean, lots of women color their hair at home, right? Please, reassure me. Please.

I’m pretty sure Tina Fey is my soul-sister. If she can do it (and by she, I mean a team of pro-stylists) I can do it! Wish me luck Shark-eyes! <–please, someone get that reference.