Warm and Fuzzies

This weekend was a rapid, active, soggy blur. Saturday I had some work related things to deal with…and Manfriend and I had a million things to do to get the trailer desert ready. We even found and returned a lost dog during our errands! 

We spent Saturday night at Seven Grand for a long overdue night with my friends. Seven Grand is located on 7th street and Grand in downtown LA. It’s an awesome whiskey bar with so many choices for whiskey it’s overwhelming. I had a Whiskey Sour and it was amazing. We arrived early at 8:00pm and scored a booth out on the patio. When we finally made the journey back through the bar at 12:30am it was a madhouse! But so worth the early arrival and sweet booth spot. 

Sunday we bolted out the door (and into the pouring rain) at 9:30am to get our laundry done before we had to attend the Ben-Ta-Ma Family Thanksgiving. Amidst the downpour we finished our laundry, grabbed dessert for after dinner, and headed East to Covina.

Here are some photos from the event, it was amazing and momma-son did perhaps her best Thanksgiving ever. Seriously. A dessert bar. Place tags. Decorations. And…all the food was done and everything was ready in perfect time. I will NEVER be able to pull off an event as well as she does. I’ll just settle for taking photos and bringing desserts. 

Happy Monday!