Holy Taco Shop!

Today’s lunch was from Benitos Taco Shop. I like to think that I’m on the quest in life to find the best fish taco in the world. Lemme tell ya, Benitos is currently holding the #2 spot. Second to my friend, Terrie Koch’s homemade fish taco amazingness. You can’t beat Terrie’s Tacos, so that’s my benchmark. 

I ate one whole taco, before a took a photo:

It had the perfect breaded cod, the most amazing tangy dressing, the exact right amount of salsa mexicana, and cabbage. All encased in a soft corn tortilla. 

This taco gets a 4/5 score. -.5 for being cold, not the taco’s fault, it had to travel a long way to me, and -.5 for being a chain restaurant taco. There’s only 2 locations – but the more homemade the better for me :)

Next time you want a fish taco – this is the taco you want.