What I’ve Done and Ate (as of late)

It’s been a few days since my last blog…I’ve been a tad bit busy. 

Thursday and Friday the Harmon was moving houses. And, yours truly was supervising. Wednesday night brought the worst winds LA has seen in a long time. There were trees down on the freeways, landing on homes, and all over the streets. I didn’t sleep much the night before phase one of the move, the wind was gnarly and LOUD. On Thursday morning the moving company was to arrive at 7:00am – they arrived at 8:30am…not totally their fault. They got lost, and a house fire (resulting from a fallen tree and a power-line) at the end of the street had the fire department blocking the road. No power at the house, and a very long day occurred. 

Friday and phase two of the move went smoothly, and everyone was happy. Even Harmon’s beloved cat:

Saturday Manfriend had perhaps one of the longest work days ever. 23 hours. Straight. On a 6th day. Can you say “golden time?” 

He made it home on Saturday at 12:30pm just as I was returning from breakfast. He seemed rather upbeat, whereas I would have been grumpy dumpy and not a happy panda. Gotta love that guy. We spent the remainder of the day doing laundry and errands. 

And then…we had a DATE NIGHT! It’s a rare thing for us to have a date night, just us. We spend a lot of our off time doing errands together, but that’s work – not so much play. We’ve been overdue for some “us” time. So, to celebrate Manfriend’s insane workweek (and hopefully, paycheck) we went for sushi at our favorite place, Chiba

Everyone has their own idea of where the best sushi in town is, and Chiba is off the charts for us. We love it. It’s in the ghetto, let’s be honest here. But, it’s worth the trip and the PITA parking (Pain In The Ass). There’s a valet available, so that makes it’s easier. 

We like to sit at the sushi bar, and talk to the sushi chef’s. I highly recommend this. It makes all the difference for our sushi experience. 

Some photos, excuse the grain from my iPhone:

Manfriend and I like to ask the sushi chef what his favorite fish is, or what might be the best of the day. We also like to have them make their favorites for us, and pair them with other things we like. The above photos were examples of this, and amazing – not to mention works of art. It’s a great way to try new things, and I think the chefs enjoy making personal favorites – other than just the standard crunchy roll. 

After an amazing dinner we made it the perfect date night and were asleep by 9:00pm. Win!

Sunday we had plans for a long bike ride. We left my house and headed down the Chandler bike path, cut through the neighborhoods, down Riverside Drive and onto the River Trail Bike Path

It’s a great ride, and really flat. Perfect for an easy 18 miles. 

We stopped for brunch at The Village Bakery and Cafe. This is one of my favorite brunch places, and it’s a great stop on the bike path. 

I had a large latte:

And the Herbed Goat Cheese Scramble:

I ate every last bite! Everything is homemade….and the strawberry jelly is so amazing. You pretty much want to roll around in its strawberry amazingness. I’m totally serious. 

It was a great weekend, full of good food, and lots of fun. 

Happy Monday!