I will.

I just recently finished the amazing true story The Long Run about a New York City Firefighter’s comeback from a tragic accident to becoming an elite athlete.  

I love non-fiction, bios, true stories, comebacks…this one was amazing. 

Matt Long was an Ironman and NYC Marathon runner when he was run over by a bus while cycling to work in December 2005. He suffered terrible and life threatening injuries. Doctors think his top physical shape is what saved his life. 

As an athlete I could deeply identify with this story. I remember how I felt when I broke my Bionic Ankle, and I went through a wide range of emotions and struggles. But, my injury is not even comparable to Matt’s, although we both enjoyed external fixators ;) 

Matt dedicated himself to reclaiming his athletic abilities, be it at a slower pace, but no less amazing and inspiring. He completed the NYC Marathon, and an Ironman just a few years after his injuries. 

Reading his story and knowing how severe his injuries were, gives me great hope that I can achieve an athletic accomplishment in my own life. I have my own limitations and challenges but I have a new goal I’m focusing on, remember?! 

Road Bike Races!

I recently found the The Grape Fun Ride and 5K. I’m so tempted to sign up for the race on Jan 21…but I’m going to get a few more rides in before I pull the trigger. I have some time before the entry fee goes up. 

Matt created a foundation titled simply I will.  which helps athletes recover from injuries and accidents to reclaim their athletic abilities. It’s a great cause, and something I can identify with. 

So the motto for the New Year: I will.