Splitting Hairs

Warning, I’m going vain and girlie for a second. I am bored with my hair. I want, and need a change. 

For over 2  years I’ve been “growing it out.” And I think I’m done now. When I transfered from UCR to Chapman, I decided I needed to chop it off. And with playing Water Polo the less hair I had to deal with the better. Let’s take a little journey on my hair styles over the past few years:

Once upon a time:

Then I started doing more of this:

I’m in the white cap. Mmmmm, manshoulders. 

So I did this:

And I did a variation of that for a long time:

Ok. So let’s try growing it out:

So I did this a lot, since I hated my shoulder length hair:

And then some of this:

And then I hit this a few months ago:

So that’s pretty much where I’ve been and where I’m at. 

I’ve toyed with the idea of bangs…but then I remember my horrible child nightmares of growing them out. Still, should I give it a try…and spend my workouts with them plastered to my forehead?


Or, do I go back to one of these, since they’ve worked for me so many times before:

Meh, I could. 

But what I really want to do is this:

FAUX HAWK! How cool would that be!?

I’m also leaning toward this:

Thoughts? Do I just jump straight from my long hair to a super short cut?! I’m never worried about drastic haircuts…hair grows, and it’ll grow back. If you don’t like it, meh. You only have to deal with it for a few months. 

On a whole other topic…COLOR?