The Sting

So, for weeks I’ve been talking up our big Thanksgiving camping trip. Manfriend and I spent hours and hours, packing and prepping. Getting everything ready for the trip. Only to decide on Thanksgiving morning that we were going to stay home. What?!

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like everything that happens is telling you NOT to go somewhere or do something? Yea, that was Thursday for us. 

Literally ready to go. Food and clothing packed. Dog in the car. Said our goodbyes to the family and we were off! Only to make it to North Hollywood and have some super scary freeway/trailer/weight action to have us stopped on the side of the offramp. I’ll spare you all the scary details, let’s just be thankful I’m here writing this post today. 

To top off an awesome morning, Manfriend got stung by a bee under his right ring finger. And that little bee did a number on him, we ended up going to the ER on Friday night (for 3 hours) because his hand was still super swollen and starting to blister. It. Was. Awesome. 

In all, it was still a wonderful weekend. We spent lots of time with Manfriend’s family and had traditional Thanksgiving dinner with them. We did miss our desert family big time though. We were both really looking forward to some campfire and dirt bike time. But, there’s always the next trip. 

Another issue with staying home this weekend? I have a fridge FULL of food and beer. Who wants to come over for dinner and drinks?