On Saturday night Manfriend got to enjoy his big Christmas gift from me…tickets to the season opener of AMA Supercross at Angle Stadium.

We dressed warm, see:

My parents have been taking me to these events since I was a little kid, and I remember sitting in the freezing cold and rain some years. 

Look how excited we are:

It’s our signature face. Go with it. 

Some highlights of the evening: Blue Moon on tap, me spilling my precious Blue Moon on myself and the chair in front of me during the National Anthem (hey, I wasn’t ready for the fireworks), Villopoto winning the 450’s, Dungey taking a KTM to the podium, Bubba crashing and missing the podium, “old” guys (Windhamn) racing, double shots at the hotel bar. 

It was a great night, with some great races. 

Manfriend really love Supercross, and I’m a fan so it’s nice that we can enjoy the races together. 

Plus, I’m a pretty cool girlfriend to score seats on the Start/Finish side and we had a perfect view of the holeshot. Win!