Please Remain Calm

As some of you may know, I’ve had some health issues lately. Nothing serious, just more mysterious. 

A few months ago I got sick with what I thought to be a winter cold, and my glands on the left side of my throat swelled up to a giant size and hurt like a mo-fo.

After a few trips to the doctors, an ultrasound, full blood work, another trip to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist), a CAT Scan, another trip back to the ENT, another ultrasound, and another trip to the ENT…I have news. But nothing that makes me warm and fuzzy. 

There are large lumps (I’m going to call them lumps because calling them a mass freaks me out) in/around/of my lymph-nodes on both sides of my neck. The largest is located on the right side of my neck, and is about 1 inch in size. 

The ENT would like to do a surgery to remove the largest lump, which will be sent in for a biopsy and then we’ll go from there. See, that’s news. But no warm/fuzzies. 

Some things I’ve learned:

– You have 90 lymph-nodes on either side of your neck

– There’s a chance it could be lymphoma or thyroid cancer (remain calm)

– Clean blood work, and normal WBC doesn’t mean you’re free of lymphoma

– I have clean blood work, and a normal WBC

– My surgery will take about 1.5 hours, and I will be under general anesthesia

– Googling Lymphoma is as helpful as it is scary

– I’m going to have a small and minor scar on my neck

– I’m considering a neck tattoo to enhance said scar

– Just kidding, Mom

– I trust and like my ENT

– Our stance is, we’re doing this “for peace of mind.”

Are you still calm? I am. 

Manfriend went with me to the doctor appointment yesterday where I got the news about the surgery. We were both 90% sure there would be an operation and a biopsy. 

So, I was prepared. I’m not thrilled for another surgery and scar, meh. I’m not thrilled to be under general anesthesia (I got super-duper sick for the first time ever after my last bionic ankle surgery). I’m not thrilled to have to wait for the biopsy results. 

But, I’m hopeful, optimistic, calm, peaceful, and just plain okay with everything. 

At this point, it does zero good to worry. Which is a totally new concept for me. I earned the Girl Scout Badge for Obsessive Worrying in 3rd grade.

So, everybody please remain calm. 

If you want something to worry about, worry about who’s going home on The Biggest Loser tonight!