News Clippings and the Weather

This week was all about news. I got news from the doctor on Monday about my lumps (…my lovely lady lumps…) sorry. I had to. I’ll stop now. 

Thursday was a big day. Epic. 15+ months in the making. 

I will spare you the details, since it’s Manfriend’s news, not mine to share. 

But I will tell you that the news was good, and by good I mean AWESOME.

No. We did not get engaged. Calm yourselves. 

For a long time I’ve felt that I was moving toward the future with this little (massive) dark cloud hanging over me. I didn’t know what the cloud was going to do, or when it decided it felt like unleashing a giant storm. I did my best to ignore the cloud, and go about my business…but sometimes, just as I thought I saw the sun shining through the cloud it would burst with a tremendous force. I got angry at the cloud. I didn’t understand why it was picking on me, didn’t it have anything better to do? Nope. It was going to be around for a long time. So, I grabbed an umbrella and some rain boots. 

Yesterday, I was able to finally see the sun. The clouds are breaking and I see a big rainbow up ahead. 

There might be some scattered showers up ahead, but I’ve got my umbrella and boots on standby.