The Shopping Gene

I think I’m unique, there’s lots of things that make me different. I can make a taco with my tongue, I learned how to ride a unicycle as a kid, and I’m lacking the shopping gene.

I always claim to be the anti-girl. I would much rather drink beer and watch college football than spend the afternoon shopping at a mall. Blah. Manfriend has the shopping gene. He’s a browser. He like to survey the goods available, take everything into consideration, and then make his purchase decisions.

Me? Not so much. If I have to shop for something I need to have a clear goal. Example: I need to find a dress for a wedding. <— This is my most hated scenario. Regardless I’ll set my goal and work to accomplish it. I hate trying on clothing. I think I always have, I blame my WaterPoloManShoulders and my BeintemaLengthLegs. Those two things make shopping for clothing near impossible. If I was an “average” size I would probably enjoy shopping slightly more. 

But, there’s another element involved in my lacking a shopping gene. I hate spending money on clothing. I would much rather spend $40 on a dinner with Manfriend, than $30 on a top I’ll probably wear at least 30 times in 6 months. What is wrong with me?!

Here’s another dilemma: where does a 26 year old woman buy clothing?  Target? Yea. That’s easy, I can pick up a poorly made top with a crooked hem while I grab lightbulbs and toothpaste. Forever 21? No. Their clothes fall apart when I wash them, and I think I’m 10 years too old to be shopping there. Old Navy? Perhaps. I am a fan of their “look” but they’re in bed with The GAP. Nordstroms? If I could afford it, yes. I love the idea of having a sales person just bring me clothing – no shopping necessary. Surprisingly, yes. I enjoy online shopping, but the sizing mystery gives me anxiety. H&M? Naw. I can’t understand their crazy UK sizing. The GAP? No. Don’t even get me started on their unethical manufacturing practices. The RACK? Sometimes. But, I really have to put my game-face on and be ready to fight for my size 11 shoes. 

Sigh. So this is the question I leave you to ponder.

Where does a 26 year old, 5’12” lady, with WaterPoloManShoulders go to buy quality clothing at an affordable price? 

Riddle me that, Batman.