Best Foot Forward

I’ve been keeping up with my C25K training…Tomorrow starts W5D1. As expected the running portions are getting longer, but I still feel like I can accomplish them and I’m getting stronger and better with each run.

A few weeks ago I bought these fly shoes:

They were comfy, BRIGHT, and on clearance. Sold.

They are great for work and running errands but not the best fit for running. They were smashing my toes. I have very long toes (TMI, but they go with my long legs). 

A few years ago I was professionally fitted for running shoes at The Running Lab in Orange, CA. My roommate at the time, Halyeface, and I went to get fitted for shoes together. I needed a pair to wear for working on set and standing on my feet for 14+ hours a day. They analyze your foot, gait, and stride when fitting you for shoes. It’s amazing and the right shoe really does make a difference. Especially with the sizing. I hate that I have giant feet and realizing that I need a 12.5 size women’s shoe for running is horrifying, but it makes all the difference. 

Since my BRIGHT kicks weren’t doing the job, I switched back to my tired and true Asic Gel Foundation 8’s. Sure I had worn them for 2 solid years and put countless hours on them…but they fit. 

My first few runs were good, I felt like I could focus on my run and not my feet. Then I started to notice some tenderness in my arches. Hm. Maybe I needed new shoes? Let’s check Zappo’s for sales…$100?! Hellz no! (See my previous post about not liking to spend money.)

Then, for my run on Wednesday morning I was dying…My right calf was on fire. I know I probably overcompensate with my right leg to make up for my Bionic Ankle…but this wasn’t cool. 

I knew what I needed to do…I had to bite the bullet and get new shoes or risk injury. 

Yesterday I was down in OC for my Tax Appointment (whoot! I have the best tax person, and we played water polo together so she’s wayyy cooler) I figured since I was so close to The Running Lab I needed to make a stop. I justified the purchase since I knew I would be getting a nice tax return in a few weeks. 

And I came home with these beauties:

Asic Gel Foundation 10’s. 

I cannot wait to try them out tomorrow. <—-Nerd

The consultant said the shoe would be a great fit for my bionic ankleness, and help keep my feet from over-pronating in the shoe since it has a solid base. <—-More Nerdness

If you think you don’t need good shoes, and you can run in $20 KEDS from Ross you are wrong my friend. It makes the biggest difference to have the correct fit and size shoe for your specific needs. 

The materials in athletic shoes break down over time. So you need to replace them every few months, years or miles depending on how hard you use them. Manfriend never wears the same pair of shoes two days in a row to help lengthen their life. Manfriend also has a zillion pairs of shoes. 

My new Asics are reserved only for running. No grocery trips, no adventures at Disneyland. 

I have my BRIGHT shoes for those silly things. Wear shades the next time you plan to walk around somewhere with me, for your eye protection of course.