It’s a French thing

Yesterday was a big night for the French in Hollywood, with Jean Dujardin (The Artist) winning the Oscar for Best Actor. This weekend was also very French at my parent’s house, because they got a French Bulldog!

My parents and I have been looking for months for a Frenchie since we lost Stevie Louise Beintema this past fall. I miss Stevie so much still, and I tear up when I think about her. 

Momma-son and I had appointments to get our hair done on Saturday, and she got a call before we left for the salon saying that there was a 9 month old puppy available. French Bulldog’s are super popular right now (and $$$) so they are really difficult to find. We love the breed because they are mellow, quiet, and very happy dogs. 

After leaving the salon we drove out to Corona to see the puppy. I almost cried when I saw her, she reminded me so much of Stevie, having identical markings. 

Puppy doesn’t have a name yet, but I have no doubt she’ll have something original and unique soon. I’m hoping I can babysit her next weekend, since I only spent a short time with her on Saturday :)