W5D3 Done!

Today I completed Week 5, Day 3 of my C25K program. I have been dreading this day for weeks…today I had to jog 20 min without any walking intervals. On Monday I jogged 8 min without walking, but 20?! Oh, hellz naw!

I told myself this morning when I was walking into the gym that I would push through and do 10min chunks with 2 – 4 min of walking between. When I passed the 12min mark I knew I could just push though it. 

I didn’t get a treadmill with a tv unit, so I wasn’t able to watch the Today show like I normally do…but I found a unit directly infront of an overhead tv. The last few scenes of The Departed were playing…what better to lose yourself in? 

I was pretty sore and tight after I was done, and I looked beautiful. I mean, I looked exactly like all those hot fitness chicks in the photos on Pinterest…don’t you?

After some stretching and flopping around on the ground I left the gym pretty proud of myself and my bionic ankle. 

Happy Leap Day!