Stepping Out on a Wedge

I discovered the best invention of modern mankind yesterday. It wasn’t the battery, or post-it notes (which I love). It was the wedge heel!!! Where have you been all my life?!

You’re all aware of my major issues with shopping for clothing (and spending money) so this is a big deal for me. Yesterday Manfriend and I ventured into Nordstrom Rack because I was very overdue for a new pair of jeans. I tired to entertain the idea of purchasing pants at a less expensive store…but, they never fit. My inseam is 37”…if you think “tall” pants fit me, you’re dreaming…floods. Every time.  

I love Hudson Jeans, and they love me. It’s so much love wrapped around my bum. They are long, and soft, and cozy. But, they wear out when you wear them 5+ days a week :( I have several pairs that have each made multiple trips to the sewing machine for recovery. My current favorite pair (purchased last year) is in major need of some tailor TLC. 

So, off to the RACK. I tried on several pairs, and actually purchased a new brand…Joe’s Jeans. Dark wash, mid-rise waist (no muffin tops), and slim/boot cut. No skinny jeans for this girl, they are too similar to breeches…and that only brings back memories of long, hot, summer horse shows…fighting for my life to peel my breeches off so I could be free and wearing shorts Oklahoma. In July. Gross. No thank you skinny jeans. 

Bonus, my jeans cost $80…normally priced at $180. Win!

Now, back to this:

After my bionic ankle hardly any of my shoes fit my left foot. Something about dislocating your foot and then a year of scar tissue and calcium buildup making your foot .5 sizes larger. I already have size 10 feet…seriously? 

I’ve never been a huge fan of heels. I’m 5’12” so I don’t really need the added height, but like any stubborn woman, I won’t allow that to deny me the right to cute shoes! With my bionic ankle I don’t walk very gracefully (well, I never did…remember how I got my bionic ankle?) so walking on stilts isn’t a very wise idea. 

All of my former “nice” shoes don’t fit my left foot…so I don’t have anything to wear besides Uggs, Running Shoes, Rainbows, Rainboots, Slippers, and Boots. Hmm, not really anything to wear anywhere nicer than a dive bar or a beach. Boo. 

Insert my most recent crazy idea…I should try on a pair of wedges. Those are like heels…but they are more stable, and they can be cute! So, I drug Manfriend through the “big lady feet” aisles of the RACK (he loves shoes, don’t feel back for him)…we wandered back and forth between size 10 and 11…but, nothing was working. I was sad. And angry at my bionic ankle. I was like the Goldilocks of shoe shopping…10’s are too small, 11’s are too large. 

Then, Manfriend had one of his brilliant ideas (he always has great ideas, especially when it comes to food, clothing, and shelter – so important, those basics). He suggested I try looking for shoes that don’t have a back to them…something like a slip on or a sandal. Duh. 

And this is how I came to find my most perfect grown-up-girl shoes. But, wait there’s something more (and even better), yes this rambling post continues…

My amazing, comfy, pretty, non-stilt, Steve Madden’s were 80% off! I bought them for a double clearance price of $17.80!!!!

I almost wept with joy…well, no. But, I had to laugh – what are the odds? 

Even the girl at checkout dropped her jaw when she saw the price. Win.