W7D3 Done

I’m 6 runs and 2 weeks away from being done with my C25K training. I’m 1 week and 3 days away from my Hot Chocolate 5K. 

I’m 2 weeks and 2 days away from my 5K Mud Run.

The math doesn’t totally add up, but it’s ok. I’m going for it. 

On Monday I was struggling getting out of bed for my run because it was still dark outside. I love the extra light in the evening, but the first few weeks of the time change it’s still really dark in the early morning.  I dragged myself out of bed when the sun came up, which was past my normal 7:00am leave time for the gym. I decided to attempt my first outdoor run in the “real world” since I could run on the Chandler Bike path and be back home in time to shower and get ready for work. 

So, I switched my gym clothes for outside clothes (fleece lined running pants are amazing) and I strapped my iPhone to my arm and hit the road. I knew making the transition from the treadmill to the road was going to be hard. There are many more factors to consider and be aware of when running in the real world. My least favorite is traffic signals – and the timing of the signals on Chandler are the WORST. Ask anyone that lives in the area. I had to cross over two main streets (Hollywood Way and Buena Vista) and I waited a good 4 minutes at each signal. Not fun. It was so much harder to start and stop running. 

Sure, I could have avoided the signals and zig-zagged through the neighborhoods…but I like running on the bike path. It’s safe, clean, and I really like the view of the houses off the path. I don’t have to worry about cars or creepers. Since I like to run with music it’s nice to feel like I’m slightly protected on the bike path. 

It didn’t feel like my best run, but my heart rate monitor said different. I was working way harder running on real land. I got home and could already feel my calves and hip flexers tightening up. I did some stretching, and after my shower dug out these bad boys:

Compression Sock Love.

I wore these constantly after my Bionic Ankle Surgery, they help with circulation and swelling. I’ve noticed that lots of athletes wear them during and post activity.  Sure, why not? 

Ah, felt so good. I wore them all day Monday, and I have another pair on today. I’ve also heard they help prevent against shin splints – and we all know how painful those are.

I have some foam rolling on the agenda for tonight’s activities and another outdoor run on Friday.