Let’s talk about the “P” word…

For those of you who’s minds went south of the waist, and straight to the gutter – shame! For, shame! I’m a lady. And, I was talking about this “P” word that all the other ladies are obsessing over:

If you know me, you know the following:

– I don’t like brushing my hair or wearing matching socks.

– I prefer beers and football to martini’s and shopping.

– I’m crafty in the sense that I like to tie-dye things.

– I don’t like recipes that require more than 30 min to prep, and more than 5 ingredients. 

What would a girl like me find so amazing about Pinterest?

Um, everything! 

I’ve learned how to clean a ceiling fan with a pillow case, how to make cookie dough truffles bites (with Jessey!) and hundreds of way to recycle, repurpose and reinvent all kinds of things!

I was hanging out with Momma-son on Sunday since we had a girl’s afternoon. She’s an avid seamstress, and has been for as long as I can remember. I spent many evenings sitting on the floor of her sewing room watching her feed material through the machine. I have similar fond memories from visiting my great-grandmother. 

I took up sewing in my early teens, and I can run a straight stitch with the best of ‘em. Fun fact: Manfriend can also sew! He can also iron and braid ponytails. I love him. 

Pinterest has renewed my interest in sewing and I found myself longing to have access to a machine, fabric and a pattern. Momma-son loaned me an antique Singer for my current hobby. 

Besides “pinning” sewing ideas and crafts, I’m craving a trip to the fabric store to pick out some material for an apron I want to make :) 

Who would have thought…me? 

Pinterest: breeding the domestic goddesses of tomorrow.