DG in Training

Nooo. Not Delta Gamma…Domestic Goddess. In a follow up to yesterday’s “P” word post I’m advancing to the next level of DG. I am becoming my Grandmother – I made Quiche for dinner. Send help.

In my defense I had a carton of eggs I need to use. It was either French toast, Giant Omelet, or “Ladies Who Lunch” Food. I had most of the remaining ingredients on hand, and when I saw this Quiche Joy the Baker Posted, I was sold. 

I modified it to my standards…pre-made pie crust, and I added some mushrooms. I needed to use those up too. 


Egg Goodness

Into the toaster over you go! Please, a moment of respect for my kitchen, I don’t have a “real” oven. 

She’s baking away right now.

Send your Grandmothers over. Maybe we’ll play Gin and watch the news. It’ll be a grand ‘ol time.