I watched a documentary today called Hungry for Change. I’m aways a sucker for a good documentary…Loose Change, Food, Inc., Iraq for Sale. 

I heard about Hungry for Change on one of the Healthy Living blogs I read. The documentary is screening for free online until Saturday so I thought I would give it a shot.

Most of the information presented isn’t anything new, but it’s always powerful to have stats and percentages thrown at you. Our bodies aren’t designed to be unhealthy and overweight. Their natural state is to be clean and lean. 

It’s amazing how much sugar, chemicals and processed by-products we consume daily. if you haven’t seen Food, Inc. I highly recommend that you watch. You think the PINK SLIME issue is something new to the food industry? Nope. It just finally hit the masses. 

God made our bodies to be efficient and productive. I only get one body, and one chance at this life. So I should make the best of it. Our bodies are amazing machines, they can heal, grow and reproduce. You remember biology class? It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of!

It’s unfair to be angry at our bodies for not being ENOUGH. Pretty. Skinny. We can’t blame our bodies for not preforming to perfection when we’re filling them with unnatural fuel. That’s our fault. We need to be healthy. 

Educate yourself. Go for a walk. Drink an extra glass of water. Eat a green veggie.