Muddy Buddies

Saturday I ran a 3.9 mile Mud Run at Irvine Lake in Orange County with my bestie, her brother and his wife.

Where did I get my sweet outfit? The Thrift Store…for less than $3.00! Win!

We arrived early for our heat at 10:15am, but we started on time. Which was amazing considering how many people were there. The race started with individual runners at 8:00am, and we were in the 4 Group Teams that started at 10:00am. 

The weather was overcast and grey, but we didn’t mind. Yet. 

We hit the course and started chipping away at the obstacles. There were mud pits, water pits, hills, water slides, nets to crawl under, walls to crawl over, and poles to jump over. I enjoyed the muddy pits at the end of the race much better than the long stretches of running hills and switchbacks in the beginning. 

I was nervous about falling, and since the ground was very uneven and rocky I was super aware of where I was putting my feet. I took it slow down all the hills…it was creepy that the feeling of sliding down a hill felt so similar to when I fell and broke my bionic ankle. Wait, that’s because I slid down a hill when I broke my ankle! By the end of the course many people were sliding down into the mud pits on their bottoms, and I happily joined them. I prefer to be closer to the ground – I’m tall and I have a long way to fall! 

We finished the race in about 1:30. There was some major crowding at some of the obstacles, and some major getting stuck in the Jurassic Park Mud. 

At the end we looked like this:


I couldn’t wait to get my mud and rock shoes off – they weighted 10lbs each! The race had fire hoses and showers to clean off, but they were powered by hose water. Chilly. 

The weather never warmed up so we were dying to be clean, dry and warm. It was sort of a bummer that the weather was chilly, and we were soaked because it would have been fun to enjoy the beer garden and food trucks at the race after party. 

I made it out with minimal injuries. Just some bruises and scrapes. 

Most of the race I was longing for some level paved ground to run on. I’ll get my wish at the Hollywood 5k on Saturday :)