Oh, hey.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry. Life happened. Lots of life things. Let’s get caught up. 

Since we last chatted:

– Manfriend and I booked a trip to Hawaii in July. He’s never been and I can’t wait to show him Ohau. 

– I moved into a house. Yes, a real house. With a driveway and everything.

– I spent 3 hours cleaning the fridge in aforementioned house. So. Gross.  

– I remembered how to play Water Polo! Alumni games are the best. Seeing old friends and catching up is even better.

– Got sunburnt. Ouch. WTH is my brain? Since when do I  forget to put on sunscreen?

– Popped a breaker while trying to cook dinner in the new house. Oops. 

– Decided to run a half marathon AND do a Triathlon. Bring it.

There. All done.

Happy Tuesday. Tuesday’s make me want Tacos…Taco Tuesday. Mmmm.