Relationship Status Update

I’m a bad blogger. Life got exciting and I forgot to write it all down. I sorry. 

Let’s rewind to April 19, 2012. It was a Thursday. Exactly one week since this happened:

We moved into the house! We got a house, a yard, a driveway, a dog, and a washer and dryer! Can you guess what I was most excited about? If you guessed the washer and dryer you are correct! No more laundromat! Praise Baby Jesus. 

So, Thursday April 19, 2012. I awoke to a muffled “ow!” and discovered Manfriend in his PJ’s playing with some exposed wires in a light switch. Sweet. It was time to start the cleaning and housework. We spent the day completing small tasks around the house. Manfriend had requested the night before that we go to dinner at one of our favorite “date night” restaurants. So after a day of doing some very icky things, we cleaned up and headed to sushi. 

Over our favorite rolls (no seriously, they’re so amazing we have them in a list on Manfriend’s phone) we dreamed and made plans for our new home. We returned to the house, and Manfriend found a bottle of wine, asking if I had unpacked any candles. I rounded some up and we enjoyed our wine by candle light. We talked about nothing in particular, just enjoying some down time after a very busy day. 

Then, Manfriend told me he had something to ask me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I went all girlie and started crying, between tears squeaking out a YES! He reached to get something out of his pocket, asking if I said yes – since he couldn’t hear me the first time :) I said yes, yes, yes!! And he slipped the ring onto my finger – a perfect fit.

After the initial shock set in, I realized it was so dark I didn’t see the ring. Manfriend realized this, and asked if I would like to see it. He brought over one of the candles and I got my first view at the most perfect ring. 

I had a million questions. How did he pull this off?! He’d had the ring for a month, carrying it around with him everywhere he went. He’d spent his mornings before a late call shopping for rings. He even found time to talk to my Dad.

I was a mushy mess at this point. Just deliriously mumbling ”we’re getting married” over and over with a giant grin on my face. 

I didn’t blog about it right away, but I will never forget the events of April 19th, 2012.

Now comes the fun.crazy.exciting.scary part – planning a wedding in 81 days! No – I’m not preggers! Which is the initial reaction I get when I tell people the wedding date – after they choke on their coffee when they realize I mean THIS July. 

I have so much to fill you in on…next up, the wedding dress!