26 days…and counting!

It’s July 2012 – the month that will forever be my wedding anniversary month. On one hand I’m so very excited for July 28 to come…and on the other hand I’m freaking out (in a good way). In 26 days I will become a WIFE. MURPHY. MARRIED. So wonderfulcrazyexciting! 

Saturday my Bridesmaids threw me a Bridal shower, and it was perfect. It was literally like we were sitting inside of Pinterest. They did an amazing job on everything – the food, decorations, games. Everything was so beyond what I could have ever imagined my friends would do for me. I told Manfriend it was like Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into one. I’ll have some photos to share soon :)

On Saturday I also took my wedding dress to be steamed and have the bustle added. It was a little surreal to put on the dress again, knowing that in a month I’ll be wearing it on my wedding day. So cool!

On Thursday we leave for Oahu for a 5 day trip. We are attending a friend’s wedding and enjoying a little down time in the sun. Manfriend has never been to Hawaii so I’m excited for us to get a little vacation before the last weeks of the wedding prep.

In all honesty the wedding planning hasn’t been insane or crazy. There’s a lot of things to figure out and remember – and checks to write. But, it’s nothing to freak out about. I’m thankful for our short engagement. Yes, we didn’t have a year to save up for our wedding – but a small budget is keeping us focused and true to our vision. We want to share the day celebrating with friends and family, that’s the main goal. The wedding is one day (an important one) and the wedding is a tiny blip on the radar of marriage. 

Today marks our final day of premarital counseling. We decided to do the counseling at the request of my parents. We both knew it would be a good idea, and talking about potential relationship challenges would be helpful – but we feared it might cause a rift in our relationship. Totally not the case! We feel that it’s made our relationship stronger, and we are more certain that we should be married that ever before. I highly recommend that anyone considering engagement, currently engaged or even married think about taking a class. Who knows, maybe someday Manfriend and I will teach a class ;) 

All of the wedding vendors are locked down, deposits have been set and we all have something to wear. I still have a good amount of little tasks, and some DIY projects remaning…but nothing I can’t accomplish in 26 days, maybe with a little help ;)

Time to focus on the trip to Hawaii and get packing! I really just need a bathing suit, sunscreen and a dress for the wedding, yea? 

Happy Monday!