I’m taking a break from my inbox to savor the moment. In 11 days I will be getting married. The months have flow by since we got engaged, granted there weren’t many – but, still!

On Sunday a lovely and amazing family friend threw me a bridal shower and it was perfect. So many adorable details and wonderful food! I will post photos soon :) 

Yesterday Manfriend and I went to get our marriage license. It was quiet the wait, but 3 hours later we had the special paperwork! 

I’m currently living in a vortex of to-do lists, emails and text messages. I’m trying to slow down time and enjoy these last few days, since I know it will be over so quickly. The wedding planning hasn’t been insane, or horrible by any means. It’s been challenging, and creative. 

I wouldn’t be even close to pulling this off if I didn’t have such wonderful friends and family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Each of you have gone above and beyond to help bring this wedding together in such a short time. I cannot wait to savor the hard work at the wedding. 

Momma-son and Papa are too incredible for words. They’ve worked endlessly to help bring everything we’ve dreamed up to life. It’s amazing.

Manfriend has been patient and wonderful. He offers amazing suggestions and happily DIY’s with me. Love him. I knew I picked a winner ;)

In closing a photo with Momma-son from the shower on Sunday – isn’t her smile cute :)