Riley is 10 Months



Weight: He was 21.5lbs and 33 in long at his 9 month check up – so perhaps a little over that? He’s wearing 18 – 24 month clothing, and will probably move into toddler clothes soon :) That big cloth diaper-bum only makes him bigger!

Health: All is well! He’s doing so well with the chiropractic adjustments that he’s down to one visit a month. He’s a total success story in the office there, and we’re thrilled that he’s finally “regular.” He’s had a few bumps and bruises recently since he’s more adventurous and pulling up and crawling around. He does NOT like it if he bumps his head into anything.
Sleep:  He’s waking up around 5:30am. Bedtime is 7:00pm/7:30pm and even if he goes to bed later he’s still waking up early. I think he’s just that kid. Naps are 1.5 hours in the morning and afternoon. Catnap sometimes. I’m trying to stretch out his awake time between naps so the 2nd nap falls later in the afternoon.
Nursing: Yep. Day feedings are getting shorter, but he’s still eating first thing in the morning and before bed. I feed him after he wakes up from his naps, but it’s normally pretty short. Which I’m ok with. I need to do some reading about weaning, but I think we’ll make it to a year.

What Riley is up to: He started to babble this month! Last weekend at a BBQ he became so chatty and started “ba-ba-bas” and loves to “ba” at Buddy and Betsy. I’m also teaching him “uh-oh” and “up” which he’s starting to get. We’re working on waving “hi” and “bye-bye” and just recently started to practice clapping. Swimming is his favorite and we’ve spent a lot of time in our little pool at home. We got a bike-trailer that he’s warming up to and started doing family bike rides around the neighborhood. Trips to the park are a weekly adventure, and he’s a sand eater for sure. Ew.

First Time through the Tunnel!
He’s serious about Sand
PostPartum: Working on really trying to balance work and life. Finding that my priorities are making it clear where I want to invest myself. I’ve been seeing Riley’s Chiropractor and that’s helping with so much of my stress. Physical and emotional. I had no idea that I was carrying around so much emotional stress until we started working on it. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the 3 sessions we’ve had. I’m still working out with my trainer 2 times a week – and I’m starting to notice a difference in my strength. That combined with my adjustments I’ve seen a major improvement in my posture!!

Baby Gear: We got a little wooden activity center for him – sort of like the ones with the wooden beads they have at the doctors office. He likes that. And any little kitchen gadget. He also loves to carry around a baby spoon and bang it on anything to make a new sounds. The dogs are fun entertainment, and he’s pulling up and crawling on them. They tolerate it well :)

Thoughts: Getting close to a year! We’re starting to think about a small birthday party and maybe getting him a backyard play set with a swing :) I love this little kid. We’re great buddies and I love spending my days with him. I’m so thankful I’ve had these months working from home with him. We have a little routine and love it when Daddy is home for dinner at night :) Recently someone asked me what surprised me most about having Riley – and I said I didn’t think it would change me in such a huge way. Yes, life changes. But I’ve changed in so many ways. I’m so much softer and more emotional that I ever was. Like –  feel my feelings now. Yea…never thought I’d be that girl. I love being a Mama, and I’m so thankful for this little dude that makes me smile every day.

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