Riley is 9 Months



Weight: We find out today at his 9 month check up! I think we’re just used to how heavy he is – but when other people hold him they always comment on how “solid” he is. Long and lean, but solid. We moved him up into his convertible car seat, he was still under the 35lb limit of the infant seat, but since we’ve been carrying him to/from the car anyway and he’s so tall we decided to make the switch. I think he’s happier that he can sit upright too.

Health: Major health news this month! We solved his digestive issues. Ok – so, baby poop talk time…he’s been having issues for a few months. Almost everything you read online tells you it’s “normal” for babies to go several (10-15 days) without going poo. Well, he would go several days, if not a week+ if we didn’t “help” him. Ah, yea. I don’t share all of this to embarrass him someday when he’s older – BUT, I share because we found something that REALLY works. Kelly and I were doing some online research one day (one of our constant topics of online searching) and Kelly found a comment about digestive issues being associated with alignment of the spine/nervous system. We personally believe in Chiropractics, I know some people don’t – totally cool. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. We decided to take him for an adjustment. And the response I received from the Dr when I told her why we came to see her…”ah, yea – Chiropractors are poo doctors.” Oh. So I won’t get all technical, but she said your nervous system is connected to your intestines, and trauma to the system is like pinching a garden hose. His pelvis was SO tight, which isn’t normal. A few months back he fell on his bottom and she thinks that was the source of the trauma…which is when all of the issues really started. So, she gently wiggled his hips, and rubbed his back and checked his neck. When the pelvis is out the neck will overcompensate…and that’s often associated with an Ear Infection. Crazy, huh?! The adjustment was very gentle and  he laughed and giggled through most of it. Less than 24 hours after seeing the Chiropractor and we had movement! We also cut back on wheat/dairy and switched up his probiotic. Wheat/Dairy are “drying.” I cannot tell you how happy I am that we found a gentle and permanent solution. He’s been regular every day since, and his overall disposition is happier. He’s even kicking in swim class now – he never kicked before and alway kept his hips tucked under. So – I’ll hop off my soapbox now, but if you are having similar issues with your baby I know a wonderful Chiropractor :) We are both going for an adjustment next week.
Sleep:  He’s “rising” with the sun anytime from 5am – 6:00am,  feeds and then goes back down for another few hours. I usually go back to bed too and get up around 7am. Naps are like 45-1hr in the morning, and then a longer 1.5-2 hr nap in the afternoon. He’s dropped the catnap for the most part, so we moved bedtime up to 6:30pm/7pm. He’s teething again…I know, 8 teeth and counting, so that’s messing with sleep too. I’m feeling like his molars are shifting – he’s jamming his hand way back in the his mouth on one side and generally irritable. I’m so ready to get a break from teething….
Nursing: Yep. Aiming to hit that 12 month mark. He’s feeding for a long time first thing in the morning, then for shorter periods throughout the day. We’re doing more solids and he’s finally getting into it. He’s been playing with food for a few months, but in the last few days he’s really figured it out. He’ll eat a whole small banana, tons of applesauce, yogurt and his current favorite is cheerios. Also LOVES corn on the cob. He gets so excited when we give him some. His hands shake and he giggles.

What Riley is up to: Officially crawling. And fast! Our living area isn’t super big, and I’m thankful since I can see him from any corner of the kitchen/living room. He puts on the gas whenever the front door opens or when he sees Dad come into the room. His favorite new toy is our sliding trash can drawer. He’ll open and close it a hundred times. He hasn’t mastered the pull up to stand. But he can put his feel flat on the ground and do a plank/down dog. He’ll pull up and balance on his knees too. He also loved crawling over and “petting” the dogs and grabbing chunks of fur. Swim lessons are going great and he’s kicking and putting his head under.




He’s GIANT and so mature looking
Easter Basket from Grandma and Grandpa Murphy
Easter goodies from Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Tom
He loves unwrapping
First life vest – all set for a river trip!


This would be our child tipping over backwards in a life jacket. Don’t worry – he was thoroughly padded.
Frist swing


PostPartum: I started working out with a trainer, she comes to the house after Riley’s in bed for the night. It’s helping me commit to exercising. I do that 2 days a week, and yoga the other days during naps. On the weekends we go for a walk or a bike ride. It’s so crazy all the changes your go through physically and mentally after having a baby. I’m so thankful for my little group of Mom friends that I can share #momprobs with. I’m also thankful that all my non-mom friends “get it” and are super cool about the whole “hey, we have a baby” thing. It changes your life – just like everyone said. But it’s awesome. Sure, some days are hard. And others are a breeze. It’s a daily challenge to find balance, and a constant struggle to remember that I need to be selfish and make myself a priority sometimes.

Baby Gear: All the kitchen tools! Ha. Books are a new favorite. He loves turning the pages and opening/closing them.


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