A Month of Thanks

I’m sure you’re heard mention of having an attitude of gratitude? Every day we can be thankful for something, big or small. Thanksgiving and the holidays are a wonderful time of stopping and really counting your blessings. So many of us have so much, and the holidays often make for crazystressfulwonderful times, but I always feel like I want to hit pause on the calendar and really soak up this season.

Now, more than ever.



So, each day for the month of November I’m going to post something I’m thankful for.

Today – I’m thankful for Mama Friends. 

I’m thankful for those women that have been down this road before me, and the wisdom they can share, the advice they give. And the encouragement they wrap around me.

This mothering thing is hard. It’s always a blessing, but it’s still a challenge.

My Mama Soul needs that love and support from other women. And that’s something I never thought I would “need.” But, oh my goodness does it help.



Day 31- Mama Growth

Today concludes my 31 day writing challenge.

I feel like so much changed in a month. Riley is a month older. I’m a month wiser (eh, maybe?). And my Mama Heart is a month bigger. Crazy how much happens in 31 days.


I started this lil’ ol’ blog to be a record of my life. To capture updates on my adventures of being married, and now, a Mama. I honestly thought my Mom and Merfman might be the only ones that read it. I still think that.


I’m humbled and genuinely surprised when I see people IRL (hehe) and they say that they love reading my blog. Seriously.

I mean, I know people out there are reading it – I’m just amazed at who. It’s so cool.

I recently found that my blog stats track where my blog is being read. Yea, like where in the world. Places like India and Argentina. Say whaa? My little corner of the interwebs made it all the way over there? Crazy.

I’ve had people tell me I’m “a good writer” and this blows my mind. First of all, thank you. And second – I’ve never thought of myself as a writer. I work for one of the most brilliant writers in television today, and I never think I’m writing to write. I ramble on about silly things and plunk away on my laptop during Merfbaby naptime, pretending I’m telling a story to my friends and family. That’s sort of what a blog is, right? Telling little stories about your life to people that want to hear about it?

Sometimes they’re funny or heartfull or just random.

But, they’re my little stories and I like telling them.

My favorite part about this whole blog thing is the universal feeling of “it’s not just me – you too?!” I get all kinds of excited when someone relates to something I wrote. I LOVE when my post made them laugh, or think or whatever. I find myself brainstorming posts when I’m taking a (speedy) shower or feeding Merfbaby at 3:00am.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the last 31 days, and so much about my Mama Heart. I feel like I’ve found my “voice” if that makes sense, and I want to keep telling my stories. If anyone wants to listen you are more than welcome to watch this funny little sitcom that is my life, I’m happy to share it with you.

Thanks for reading :)



Day 30 – Things you never thought…

Parenting is this whole other world. When you meet your tiny human you’re transported into this club of mini vans and team moms – a place you’ve seen in movies, but never thought you’d be a part of.

And you find yourself talking and thinking about all these things you would often roll your eyes over, and say “I’m never gonna be like that.”

Reality check: You will.

– PDP – Public Displays of Parenting. This includes but is not limited to: breastfeeding in public, changing a dirty diaper in your car outside a mall and navigating your stroller though a crowded restaurant.

– How Much, How Often. This goes for feeding, pooping, bathing and sleeping. All for the baby of course ;) You’ll be amazed at how thrilled you’ll get over a dirty diaper when baby’s been on poop strike for 4 days. I did a legit happy dance last week over that one.

– Did You Hear Something? You’ll develop a superhuman hearing ability. Baby cries lasting longer than 5 min will no longer register. But you will awake from a dead sleep seconds before your baby stirs for a middle of the night feeding.

– The Early Bird Special. A whole new set of restaurant criteria is now necessary. The key question being, “is it baby friendly?” Do they have a parking lot? Booths or tables? Room for a car seat, what about stroller parking?

– Bonus Points. Parenting wins include: prime parking at the grocery store, right next to the cart return. Discovering a public restroom has a changing table. And spotting another parent and similar aged baby out in public. Look! You too?!