Stripper Sweat

Some of you call it the herpes of the craft world, some of you call it glitter. Manfriend and I call it Stripper Sweat. Why? Because we’re nuts, that’s why. It’s a perfect name. You know you’re smiling thinking about it. 

There’s stripper sweat everywhere. All over my house. All over the office. Mostly because it’s Christmas SWAG day at Community. SWAG = Stuff We All Get. It’s one of the best perks of working on a TV show. 

Over the past few days we’ve tied adorable stripper sweaty bows on 200 Christmas Crew SWAG gifts:

I know. They’re awesome. 

There’s also stripper sweat all over Paramount. They are not kidding about this stuff guys.


No stripper sweat on these SWAG gifts..well, I can’t be sure about Chevy’s.

Merry Christmas from Mr. Chevy Chase himself:

And some sweet threads from the lovely Joel McHale:

Merry Changmas! 

And a Happy Friday to all!